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Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Mule Creek Outfitters is the heart of the M Lazy C Ranch and offers some of the very best hunting and fishing in Colorado. We believe in fair chase hunting and have a deep admiration and respect for animals we hunt and fish. If you’re looking for a true hunting/fishing experience in some of the most beautiful country Colorado has to offer, you’ve come to the right place!

Fishing nearby includes: Lake George , 11 Mile Reservoir , 11 Mike Canyon, Cheesman Lake , South Platte, Spinney Reservoir , Antero Reservoir!

Visit the Mule Creek Outfitters Website for more information, or give me a call or drop me a line. Let’s get you out in the wild!


Mule Creek Outfitters

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Let us guide you on a World Class Gold Medal Trout Fishing trip you’ll never forget! Whether you want a leisurely day, or an ambitious backcountry fly fishing trip in the solitude of the wild, we have you covered? Let us put together the perfect trip for you, on foot or horseback! You’d be hard pressed to find better fishing in a more peaceful and scenic setting.

In addition to several remote stretches of the South Platte River, we have exclusive access to the Lost Creek Wilderness where you’ll discover a secret gem of low pressure, off-the-grid fishing. The waters of the Lost Creek, Wigwam Creek, Goose Creek, and Craig Creek are home to countless delicious brookies, browns, and rainbows! If you know where to look, you can find miles and miles of very low gradient stream with many undiscovered deep pools holding much larger than expected trout.

Visit the Mule Creek Outfitters website for more details, or justdrop me a line. Let me set up the perfect fishing trip for you!

Larry McCracken – Outfitter
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Mule Creek Outfitters has one of the largest huntable areas available to both resident and non-resident hunters. We have permits for 5 Game Management Units (GMU’s) within the beautiful Pike National Forest (including the coveted Lost Creek Wilderness).

GMU 50 • GMU 58 • GMU 500 • GMU 501 • GMU 581

For the 2021 hunting season we offer Non-Guided, Guided, and Drop Camp Hunts for archery, muzzle loading, and rifle (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th seasons). Whether you draw a limited tag, or you’re hunting Over-the-Counter (OTC), we’ve got you covered for all seasons (rifle, archery, and muzzle loading). We have no “off-the-shelf” hunts, every hunt is different, and every group is unique. It’s our goal to personally tailor your hunt to you and your group. Let us guide you in relentless pursuit of timeless memories, and God willing, some Elk!

Visit the Mule Creek Outfitters Website for more information, or just drop me a line.

Larry McCracken – Outfitter
(719) 686-6895 |