Martial Arts Training Facility

Traditional Jui jitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, Self Defense, Combatives training or traditional marital arts training faclity.

Host your traditionalJui jitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, Self Defense, Combatives training or traditional marital arts seminar at M Lazy C's newly built Martial Arts Training Facility! Our studio is furnished with 600 square feet of new Fuji Tatami MMA mats, Muay Thai bag, 3 MMA training dummies, a circuit machine with 3 stations, and various training weapons for combatives/self defense training.

Catering to private events, make it a weekend retreat and include the famous M Lazy C Hospitality and variety of lodging options. Our guest ranch offers cabins lodgingCabins, affordable Bunkhouse accommodations, RV Sites, and Primitive Camp Sites.

The Training Facility is located at our Chuck Wagon site with a large Dining Hall and an 800 square foot classroom capable of comfortably hosting 40+ students.

We recently hosted Sheepdog Response for a week of training including a trauma response course, range time and combatives course.

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Women's Self Defense Program - 2021

Details: M Lazy C Ranch is hosting a 3-hour self-defense program for women. This class will emphasize realistic threat & assault scenarios and cover the self-defense skills needed to address them.

Time: 10am - 1pm


Program Fee: $150

Location: M Lazy C Ranch

The Krav Maga Women’s Program has been carefully developed with valuable input from law enforcement officials, criminal prosecutors, psychologists, physicians, and rape prevention counselors. The Program deals specifically with how and where women are commonly attacked. Women are taught how to safely and effectively fend off an attacker with punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. Krav-Maga-women-insetMore importantly, women learn how to defend themselves from worst case scenarios, i.e. when they are already in a choke, bear hug, or headlock whether standing up or on the ground.When people are faced with a threatening situation, adrenaline is released into their bloodstream causing the fight or flight response. Blood rushes from internal organs into the limbs to provide a short burst of speed and strength to survive the threat. The brain is one of the organs from which blood is drawn and, as a result, the higher brain functions shut down and the brain goes into "low power mode". Mental functions, like sense of time, memory, hearing, and elements of vision, are severely impaired or lost.

However, humans have an evolutionary ability to "super learn" while they are in adrenaline mode. This phenomena comes from our ancestors who, when faced with a threat, reacted and lived. The next time it happened, they didn't need to think about what to do, they just did it...automatically. Those that survived passed the ability down the line.

The program incorporates training methods to build women’s’ fighting spirit and to train them how to respond both mentally and physically in a time of need, eliminating the danger of “freezing” or “shutting down” in confrontations. Women receive hands on training in simulation based scenarios that may include attacks at ATMs, parking lots, etc.

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