As kids we all fantasized about doing cowboy things like driving cattle through the wilderness mountains and meadows. This is a chance to make that childhood fantasy come true! This is a two day program starting Friday at 5:30pm. Friday we will learn safety and basic riding tips on how to direct the cattle while in the arena. Then Saturday we bring in the cattle! In groups of 4 you will practice in the arena with our cattle learning penning, sorting, and cutting just like a real cowboy. We will teach you how to rope on roping dummies during downtime.  We are sure you will be letting out some Yee Haws! and singing the tune to Bonanza along the way. These Bonanza Experiences will be once a month and limited in number of riders. Make your reservation early!

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2021 Dates:
June 18th - June 20th
July 23rd - July 25th
August 20th - August 22nd
September 11th & 12th

  • 13 years and up.
  • Moderate terrain, weight limit 220 lbs.
  • $150 per person

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